Is a person who has a high transcendental intelligence will become more productive, innovative, and creative? the answer is definitely yes. First, they are the ones disciplined and earnest, trustworthy (trust), and responsible in carrying out any business. They will never stop thinking and working and praying to realize the goals in the way of Allah. Second, sincere attitude and khyusuk and in the running of worship will evoke the full potential of mind-a mind which has (including 90% of potential subconscious brain that had been left unemployed). Third, they are the ones who withstand the trials – including stress – so stay productive and creative in various circumstances. Productivity and creativity beyond the ability of the average human. Fourth, they are pro-change towards the better things. Thus, they want to leave the comfort zone of living and thinking differently. these are the traits of people who are productive, innovative, and creative. According to Teresa M. Amabile in the book ‘How to kill creativity “. (Harvard Business Review), there are three components of creativity, namely:
1. Expertise: knowledge – technical, procedural, and intellectual
2. Creative – thinking skills: Determine how flexibility and imaginatively people approach problems.
3. Not all motivation is created equal: An inner passion to solve the problem at hand leads to solutions far more creative Than do external rewards, Such as money. Intrinsic motivation is most influenced by work environment.

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Always think positive and motivated

Positive thinking makes the job easier to do, make a sound mind, capable of reducing stress, making the atmosphere more lively relationship. Positive thinking someone would spread throughout the environment so that a positive as well. whereas negative thoughts only drain energy and concentration. Positive thinking is needed to achieve success and happiness. people who think positively will be able to explore various areas likely to make it possible. You may be to do all the good thoughts when you say it can afford. Whatever you can reach if you think positive and permission of God, because the energy of positive thought will always keep you motivated to make it happen.
Man armed with the knowledge and skills that will make sense to do consciously. Humans must have the desire and high ideals, but must be created and realized with the conscious. Having ambition is allowed, but must not be ambitious. build confidence and self-motivation that it will be realized. The urge in man allows the realization of the will or part of this will. However, this human capacity remains limited. That’s why, when people decide to do something, but failed due to factors beyond the control of the human self. This is where the applicable law and qadar qadha.
However, positive minded towards others must still be coupled with high self-awareness. Do not let the positive thoughts are so excessive that used by the person to things that are not good and harm.

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Reliable ( Trust )

Humans who have a high transcendental intelligence is a trusted man (trust), because they always hold its promises. He has a high credibility. As a leader, he will become a trusted leader in the conduct of all duties and obligations, including that of his men. Being the president, ministers, high officials, members of parliament or head area, it must reliably carry out the mandate given to her people. All the decisions and steps that he did was for the benefit of giving the mandate, namely the people, not put personal interests and his group nor mislead and torment the people. As subordinates or employees must be trustworthy, reliable figure in running the trust company / leadership was adopting. Mandate to both promote and improve the performance of the company should really be done in earnest. Yet the results also will be felt by them either directly or indirectly.
Behavioral trust is one thing that now almost vanished, both officers, managers, and employees, the attitude of trust is now hard to find in various professions / other job. Not to mention carry out the mandate of our obligation as a person, father / mother / child, family members and community. As a result, as it is now apparent, the nation setback occurred in various fields. Glory of Muslim character even more powerful, that we should not betray the mandate given to those who have betrayed us. Hadith of Prophet Muhammad as narrated by Abu Dawud, At Turmidzi, etc.:
“Exert that mandate to people who give to you and do not trust you to someone more treasonous traitors to you.”

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Always Think Positive and Motivated

Positive thinking makes the job easier to do, make a sound mind, capable of reducing stress, making the atmosphere more lively relationship. Positive thinking someone would spread throughout the environment so that a positive as well. whereas negative thoughts only drain energy and concentration. Positive thinking is needed to achieve success and happiness. people who think positively will be able to explore various areas likely to make it possible. You may be to do all the good thoughts when you say it can afford. Whatever you can reach if you think positive and permission of God, because the energy of positive thought will always keep you motivated to make it happen.
Man armed with the knowledge and skills that will make sense to do consciously. Humans must have the desire and high ideals, but must be created and realized with the conscious. Having ambition is allowed, but must not be ambitious. build confidence and self-motivation that it will be realized. The urge in man allows the realization of the will or part of this will. However, this human capacity remains limited. That’s why, when people decide to do something, but failed due to factors beyond the control of the human self. This is where the applicable law and qadar qadha.
However, positive minded towards others must still be coupled with high self-awareness. Do not let the positive thoughts are so excessive that used by the person to things that are not good and harm.

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Love has inspired books, songs, works or art, great achievements and even the course of history. It is the bond that holds humankind together. There are many definitions of love, yet each one is inadequate. Love can be found in the dictionary somewhere between ‘like’ and ‘lust.’ And maybe that’s where it belongs!

To understand what love is, we have to understand what love is not. Love is not hate, violence, ambition or competition. It is not infatuation. Infatuation focuses only on external traits and is merely a form of conquest, which fills a personal need that is invariably followed by disappointment. For example, a woman marries a man because he is handsome, then says that all he thinks about is his looks. She marries him because he is intelligent, then feels stupid and accuses him of knowing it all. She marries him because he is steady and sensible, then finds him boring and dull. She marries him for his money, then is unhappy because all he thinks about is business. She marries him because his is

sexy, then objects when he is sexually attractive to other women. And on and on it goes! The same example can be used for a man as well. This is not love, it is merely infatuation.

Love in not sex. You can have sex without love, and love without sex. But when sex and love are combined, the result is a beautiful, spiritual experience, one unequalled by any other.

What, then, is love? Love is the attracting, uniting, harmonizing Force of the Universe.

Love is the desire to support a person in being all that they can be. It’s helping the other person to grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Most of all, love is allowing another person the complete

freedom to be himself or herself and accepting that person without trying to change them.

The problem with many relationships is that love is one-sided. In order for a relationship to be balanced, you must give, but also expect to receive. Your needs must be met as well as those of your

partner. The compulsion to keep giving without expecting a return, or keep receiving without expecting to give, does not support true love.

To love means to love. Period! It doesn’t imply conditions such as “I will love you if…” “I will love you as long as…” or “I will love you when…” Love that implies conditions is nothing more than emotional blackmail.

A child’s ability to love is usually set by the time he or she is approximately two years old. This is why it is important to build the child’s self-esteem during this period. The child must learn that he or she is accepted for who they are and that love (or withholding love) is not based on his or her actions.

Often, young girls do not learn that they can be loved for who they are. They feel they need a man to make them feel loved and valuable. They will often marry the first man that comes along who tells them what they want to hear – that they are loved. Sensing her inferiority, the man will often play on her feeling of inadequacy and try to dominate her. Since she really does not love herself, she will obsessively seek the approval and the love she didn’t get as a child. The odds are that she will end up

either in the divorce court or with a husband who is an alcoholic, mentally, physically or emotionally abusive, or perhaps something worse. If selfconfidence, self-acceptance and the acceptance of others had been cultivated early in life, this could have been avoided.

It is important in a relationship to preserve love. In order to do this, it is necessary to realize that you are not a couple or twosome or anything else. Despite the abundance of poetic imagery, it is literally impossible to merge two human beings as one. You are simply separate individuals who have found a great deal to share together. You came into the world alone, and you will leave this world alone. It is  sheer folly to promise to love another person forever. While it is beautiful to hear someone declare that they will love us forever – it is an empty promise. Think about it for a moment. You cannot count on your lover loving you forever, no matter what he or she says, for love is a moment-bymoment experience. Yesterday’s love has been spent, tomorrow’s love is not here yet, and today’s love must be earned.

The fact is that love will only continue as long as each person fulfills a need and contributes to the relationship. And love must continue if a relationship is to be held together. A legal contract won’t do it! In order or preserve love, one partner must not attempt to change the other. This happens much too

often and is a major contributing factor to break-up and divorce.

Love, romance and excitement are all possible when you permit your partner to express his or her  own individuality. When a relationship is not stifled by unreasonable demands and expectations, it will grow closer. The more independent you feel, the more you will value your partner. True love depends on true freedom. Only those who are free can afford to love without reservation.

Time spent together should be devoted to motives of love and sharing those things you both enjoy. This will eliminate boredom and keep the relationship alive. Vital, in this regard, is the development of a romantic personality. Without romance, a person’s life lacks magnetism, so it is important for you to cultivate it. A romantic personality will increase your magnetism and enable you to attract the people, events and circumstances you desire. We all need romance in our lives and are grateful to those who stimulate and encourage it.

Everyone wants to be loved. Every stranger you meet is crying out inside, “Please love me.” Sometimes this is difficult to justify in the light of our actions; sometimes the individuals themselves don’t recognize this as the inner hunger they feel. Most people believe that they are not loved enough.

This is because they cannot recapture the love they once knew as children. And so, they go through life trying to regain this perfect emotion by searching outside of themselves.

Look at your life. You go to the grocery store for food, to classes for education, to the doctor to get well, to a contractor to build your house, to the hair stylist to have your hair done, to the department store for your clothes. And so it is with love. You go to others for love. Like a carrot dangled before a horse, there is love, just out of reach.


If you are seeking someone to love you, you will go through life disappointed. Love begins with loving yourself first. Unless you first love yourself, you will not be able to find it in another. Only when you generate love and radiate it forth until it embraces everything and everyone, will love be yours in return.

But remember, you cannot give your love to another person. You can only be loving. Being loving means learning to love your mind, thoughts, body, life and the God-power within you. Learn to love objects like trees, flowers, animals, sunshine and everything you see, touch and taste. Have you ever noticed how some people always have trouble with their automobiles?

Their vehicles just don’t respond to them. Yet another person “talks” to his automobile and it responds trouble-free, trip after trip. It would seem that even inanimate things can sense love. Preposterous? It has been scientifically demonstrated that metal atoms respond differently to different

personalities. Loving is one of our strongest needs. It has been  discovered by behavioral scientists that it is not lack of love that causes negative personality disorders, but lack of loving. One man proved this while running a ranch home for delinquent boys and girls. Upon entering the home, the children were given an animal to feed, care for, and learn to love.

For many of them this was the first form of life they could love. The success rate in rehabilitating these children was outstanding, just because he taught them to love.


The idea that we cannot possibly love another until we have first learned to love ourselves may, on the

surface, appear to be a very self-centered philosophy. But it isn’t if we realize that we are connected to every other person on the planet. In the same way that our heads are joined to our shoulders, our hands to our arms, our feet to our ankles, each person is an extension of everyone else. An infection in one part of the human body means that the entire body is affected to hurt another person mentally, physically or emotionally, means that we are hurting ourselves.

For this reason, we cannot say, “To hell with the rest of the world, I’m just going to take care of myself.” Instead, we want to make it our desire to elevate the consciousness of humankind for, like a chain, the human race is only as strong as its weakest link.


Remain calm and love regardless of the circumstance. Love is not a placid state but a conquering force. If someone does something to you that seems unjust or unfair, learn to forgive that person, for forgiveness is part of love. Mentally note that the situation has come into your life as a lesson. The way you meet the experience will determine whether or not you understand the meaning of love. If you do, you will be able to forgive knowing that everything will work out for the good of all concerned. To pass ‘love lessons’ victoriously is to reach new dimensions of success, prosperity, peace and fulfillment.

Learn to love everything that happens to you because your experiences give you a chance to grow in the consciousness of love. Say to yourself many times a day, “I am growing in the consciousness of love.” As you do, it will enrich your life in marvelous ways.

Many people go through life hating, criticizing and condemning others for their own lack of love. These are the negative people. They have a talent for putting others down with joking sarcasm and making them feel so inadequate and useless that they either hold back, withdraw or just plain give up. Negative people withhold love, recognition and compliments because they must always say what is on their minds, regardless of how destructive it is. They justify their verbal hostility as “constructive criticism,” an “honest relationship” or even “objective appraisal.” Their greatest talent lies in the ability to find and identify the weaknesses in others instead of their strengths.

A few years ago I conducted a seminar for couples. One of the projects was for each person to list ten

good things about his or her partner. I offered a prize for the first one finished. What was interesting, but not surprising about this experiment, was that by the time the first one had finished, some had not even written down one item. These people were either unwilling or unable to write one positive or complimentary characteristic about the person with whom they were sharing their life. It is common knowledge that, when plants are praised and spoken to positively, they thrive and grow, but when they are condemned and rejected, they become stunted or even die. If you have this effect on your plants, just think of the effect you have on another human being!

The Positive Power of Love determines how successful you will be in life. In order to be successful, you must be able to get things done. There are three ways of doing this: to do the task yourself, get someone to help you, or team up with others and give help. The first method is the most common, but it is also the most limiting because you are restricted to the amount of time and effort you, personally, can expend. If you read the biographies of great achievers, you will notice that they generally become

successful by expanding their growth through the efforts of others. In other words, they get things done by either receiving or giving help.

Giving help is one of the little known secrets of success. You get things done by helping others get things done. If you are a supervisor, manager or boss, by assisting those under you to become successful, you become more successful yourself. If you are a teacher, success comes in direct proportion  to your success in helping your students to succeed; it comes by showing them how they can get what they want, not what you want. Any relationship can grow and prosper when we learn to assist others.

Love is the means by which we help others to be successful. It expresses itself in the ability to make others feel important, alive and capable of self-improvement. By giving others recognition and assurance, and pointing out their positive traits, we can stimulate them to make the best possible use of their unlimited potential. One of the greatest gifts we can give to other people is to open their eyes to their own greatness; to the potential they never realized existed. This is what “loving thy neighbor”

is all about. But helping others in not a one-way street. By offering encouragement and pointing out people’s strengths, we are helping ourselves as well. Not only does this satisfy our own need to be loving, but also each positive action generates an even more positive response and increases our total self-confidence. Emmet Fox put it so well when we said, “Sufficient realization of love will overcome anything. There is no difficulty that love cannot conquer, no disease it will not heal, no door it will no open, no guilt it will not bridge, no wall it will not tear down, no sin it will not redeem. Love will lift you to the highest dimension.”

I love everything I do. I love my work. I love teaching. And I love writing this book for you!

Saputra (Source was adpted from the book “The ultimate Secrets of Total self-confidence” by Dr. Robert Anthony )


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who do you imagine yourself tobe?

Cover of "Creative Imagery"

Cover of Creative Imagery

According to Person that our imagination will stretch to any scenario, but people lacking in confidence usually imagine themselves as failures. They do not realize that they cannot succeed at anything if they cannot imagine themselves doing so. How you imagine yourself may bear no relation to the truth, but it is this, rather than the reality, which governs your feelings and behavior. Changing what you imagine about yourself can bring about a profound growth in confidence. When you imagine yourself as a good, capable, confident person, it becomes easier to think and behave like one. Imagination is one of the cornerstones of the I-T-I-A Formula©. To understand why it is so important we must consider the subconscious mind in more detail. The mind is often compared to an iceberg, with more than 90% floating below the surface. This hidden mass is the subconscious, a vast storehouse of thoughts,

memories and ideas. The subconscious is always listening, watching, soaking up your experiences like a sponge. It then acts as a kind of database to which you constantly refer for guidance and support. Once your subconscious has accepted the idea that you are confident it makes sure your thinking, feelings and behavior are brought into line; it makes confidence your reality. You can talk to your subconscious, but it responds even better to mental images and emotions. Use your wonderful imagination to build confidence, by feeling and imagining yourself as confident until it becomes a natural part of you.

“ To come from no voice, no power, and to be able to achieve what I have means that only my own personal vision holds me back.”

Oprah Winfrey

1.         Commit yourself to spending a few minutes every day imagining yourself as you would like to be. This practice is called Creative Imagery. Either deliberately relax and calm your mind, or use those naturally occurring moments when you are relaxed. The longer and more vividly you can hold on to thoughts, feelings and mental images of yourself as a confident person when your mind is  calm, the better.

2.         Start by imagining something familiar, like an orange, a freshly baked loaf of bread, your house, a loved one, or a rose. Imagine the appearance, texture, taste and smell. Listen to a favorite piece of music, and imagine you can see the artist(s) performing it. Imagine the voice of a loved one. Simple exercises such as these will bring about a rapid improvement in your creative imagery skills.

3.         Creative imagery is often referred to as visualization, which is slightly misleading because it is not strictly necessary to be able to make detailed pictures. All five senses, sight, touch/feel, sound, taste and smell – make an impact on the subconscious, especially when you’re relaxed. So don’t be put off if you can’t actually ‘see’ anything: feeling a desire coming true is more important than getting a clear picture.  Take what you used yesterday. Now try to visualize it with all five senses. If you can’t actually picture it, make more use of other senses.

4.         Sit or lie comfortably, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Imagine yourself lying on a beautiful beach on a lovely summer’s day. Picture the scene if you can. Imagine the sound of the sea, the warmth of the sun on your face, the softness of the sand, the smell of seaweed, and the feeling that you are safe and secure. Practise, but don’t force this exercise. The point is to use those senses with which you are most comfortable.

5.         Whilst you are imagining relaxing on the beach, think of something you would like to achieve. Imagine or ‘visualize’ yourself as:

1. A confident person. Sense what it would feel like to be loaded with confidence.

2. Taking action. Feel yourself confidently pursuing your goal.

3. Having achieved everything for which you set out.

6.         When you’ve mastered the above procedure, add a fourth stage:

4. ‘Visualise’ how you would like others to react towards you when you’ve accomplished your goal.

7.         Use this affirmation:

‘Every day I see myself as a confident person and I feel myself becoming more and more confident.’

The perfect shot

Many top sportsmen and women use creative imagery and mental rehearsal as an integral part of their mental toughness training. They know that when positive images are impressed firmly on the subconscious they’re more likely to perform at their best. They spend many hours ‘seeing’ themselves hitting the perfect shot, throwing the javelin or discus further, crossing the winning line ahead of the competition, scoring goals and so on.

Pioneering the use of creative imagery in sport were professional golfers such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer in the 1960s. At his peak Nicklaus said: ‘I never hit a shot without having a sharp picture of it in my head. Firstly, I see where I want the ball to finish. Then I see it going there, its trajectory and landing. The next scene shows me making the swing that will turn the previous images into reality.’

“ When willpower conflicts with the imagination,imagination prevails. Always.

David Lawrence Preston

SAPUTRA ( Source was adapted from 365 Steps to Self-Confidence by David Lawrence Preston)

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Accepting yourself as you are

Self-acceptance means acknowledging that you are as you are and being comfortable with it. It doesn’t necessarily mean liking every aspect of yourself. Some attributes can’t be changed, and you may as well accept them right now. Take your age. You can disguise it, lie about it,  ry to hide it, but you can’t change it. Similarly, you can do little about your gender (without going to drastic lengths), your race, height, eye colour etc. You also have little chance of transforming the way the world works, society in general and other people. But you can find a way of making the best of yourself, by:

  • becoming better informed
  • acquiring new skills
  • changing unwanted habits
  • handling relationships and problems more effectively.

But bear in mind, self-acceptance does not mean giving up on yourself. If some disliked aspect of yourself is important and can be changed, do something about it. There’s no point in feeling bad about something you can change, just as there’s no point in feeling bad about something you can’t!

Never grow old in your mind.

Your true age is how you feel inside.

Valerie J. Hayward

1.  What aspects of yourself do you find most difficult to accept? Are there times or situations when you find it harder to be self-accepting than others? If you wish jot down what stops you giving yourself permission to be as you are.

2.  Write down everything you dislike about yourself. Include anything at which you feel you’re not particularly good. Be honest: but don’t exaggerate or wallow in self-pity.

3.  Go through your list (from Confidence Builder 149) and underline any things you dislike that cannot be changed. Then look again: are you sure there’s nothing you can do to change them? Eliminate any which are merely the result of negative conditioning.

4.  Use this affirmation: ‘I accept my… and my… (the attributes you have underlined). This is me, and I’m wonderful, aren’t I?’

5.   Do you ever feel that your best is never good enough? If you judge yourself as not good enough, no amount of achievement will ever satisfy you. Ask yourself: ‘How realistic are the goals and standards I set myself?’ There’s a paradox here. There’s nothing wrong with having high expectations of yourself: low expectations lead to underachievement. But impossible ones destroy your confidence.

6.  Write down this sentence: ‘When I fail to live up to my expectations or fall below the standards I set myself, I tell myself…’

7.  Write down the first six thoughts that come into your head. Why are you so hard on yourself? You don’t have to be perfect, you know.

8.  Stop comparing yourself with others. You’ll always find people who are better than you at some things, and people who are worse. The only meaningful comparison is between you as you used to be, and you as you are now. No one is better than anyone else, just different. If you lapse into thinking ‘I’m not as… (attractive/clever/athletic etc) as…’, stop it. Tell yourself, ‘I’m a wonderful, amazing being. I’m good enough, and I’m grateful for it.’


At the age of 11 Evelyn Glennie was told that she would have to attend a special school for the deaf. It was a moment that changed her life. She became determined to go to the local secondary school attended by her brothers. ‘It didn’t make sense that simply because a chart says you can’t hear such and such, you therefore can’t do certain things,’ she said in a recent interview. With her parents’ support she ignored the audiologist and went to the mainstream school anyway. Now, despite being completely deaf since the age of 11, Evelyn is one of the world’s top classical percussionists, feted all over the world, performing barefoot to help her feel vibrations from the other instruments. When asked how she copes with her hearing problem she replies that she doesn’t ‘see’ herself as deaf – just someone with a different kind of hearing. Her other senses are enhanced and her concentration

heightened: she simply ‘listens’ harder.

‘I never asked, “Why me?”’, she says. ‘We’ve all got something that needs sorting. You meet people really handicapped who appear to be the happiest people in the world. That puts life in perspective.’


SAPUTRA ( source was adapted from The book of 365 steps to self- confidence by DAVID LAWRENCE PRESTON)

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