This is not just advice and not just words of wisdom. It is the soul of many drugs of mental illness that exists. This is also the law to bring happiness to the human psyche, even true, this word choice is human speech, ie the Holy Prophet. It is very important if we hold fast to the words above because the human soul would be good if clinging to these words. One’s faith will not be perfect but with these words carry meaning. Messenger of Allah said, “One of you is not said to believe, to love his brother as well as love itself,” (Muttafaq ‘alaih)
When you love your brother like you love yourself, you will feel roomy chest, your soul feels tranquil, and you will feel the peak of satisfaction. Only then you will feel the sweetness of faith. Sweetness of faith can not be perceived by the tongue, but with heart. You also will feel the happiness of the whole soul. Do you know why this might happen? Because the happiness you are getting, when you break away from hatred and filled with love. The happiness you are getting when you take off the black dots. These black dots could be envy, hatred, resentment, envy, and so forth.
All the ugliness that has started over and fall when you begin to love your brother as well as love yourself. That’s when you feel ketengan soul.
If the question is, why do you feel envious of your brother? The answer is because you love yourself more. You wish there was a kindness to yourself hoping there was a kindness to yourself and do not expect it happen other than you. When you love than you are just as loving yourself, feeling it will gone.
Sometimes you can say, “Everyone is loving herself,” Yes, indeed, and I do not want you to love others instead of loving yourself because the degree of this kind can only be achieved by few. They are as stated in the Qur’an, “… They give priority to (those immigrants), for themselves even if they require (what they give it )……”( al-Hasyr: 9)
They are a special group among the believers. I only ask you to love your brother like to love yourself, and that you hope happens kindness to your brother as much as you hope the good that happens to you.
If you prefer the interests of your brothers in faith rather than self-interest, while at that moment you need it, it means you like the degree of their degrees. If you have come to the degree that, means you become a high degree and position you to be noble in the sight of Allah swt.
So that made by great men, “They put others above themselves. Even though they need what they give it. “When you arrive at this degree, you will feel great happiness soul. Thanks to the outpouring of a sense of faith that runs through your veins, your soul will transform into a quiet life. “.. And who is saved from his miserliness, they are the ones who are lucky. “(Al-Hasyr: 9).
O Allah make us among those who gave priority to other people, for themselves. Even though they need what they provide this.


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