Is a person who has a high transcendental intelligence will become more productive, innovative, and creative? the answer is definitely yes. First, they are the ones disciplined and earnest, trustworthy (trust), and responsible in carrying out any business. They will never stop thinking and working and praying to realize the goals in the way of Allah. Second, sincere attitude and khyusuk and in the running of worship will evoke the full potential of mind-a mind which has (including 90% of potential subconscious brain that had been left unemployed). Third, they are the ones who withstand the trials – including stress – so stay productive and creative in various circumstances. Productivity and creativity beyond the ability of the average human. Fourth, they are pro-change towards the better things. Thus, they want to leave the comfort zone of living and thinking differently. these are the traits of people who are productive, innovative, and creative. According to Teresa M. Amabile in the book ‘How to kill creativity “. (Harvard Business Review), there are three components of creativity, namely:
1. Expertise: knowledge – technical, procedural, and intellectual
2. Creative – thinking skills: Determine how flexibility and imaginatively people approach problems.
3. Not all motivation is created equal: An inner passion to solve the problem at hand leads to solutions far more creative Than do external rewards, Such as money. Intrinsic motivation is most influenced by work environment.


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