Reliable ( Trust )

Humans who have a high transcendental intelligence is a trusted man (trust), because they always hold its promises. He has a high credibility. As a leader, he will become a trusted leader in the conduct of all duties and obligations, including that of his men. Being the president, ministers, high officials, members of parliament or head area, it must reliably carry out the mandate given to her people. All the decisions and steps that he did was for the benefit of giving the mandate, namely the people, not put personal interests and his group nor mislead and torment the people. As subordinates or employees must be trustworthy, reliable figure in running the trust company / leadership was adopting. Mandate to both promote and improve the performance of the company should really be done in earnest. Yet the results also will be felt by them either directly or indirectly.
Behavioral trust is one thing that now almost vanished, both officers, managers, and employees, the attitude of trust is now hard to find in various professions / other job. Not to mention carry out the mandate of our obligation as a person, father / mother / child, family members and community. As a result, as it is now apparent, the nation setback occurred in various fields. Glory of Muslim character even more powerful, that we should not betray the mandate given to those who have betrayed us. Hadith of Prophet Muhammad as narrated by Abu Dawud, At Turmidzi, etc.:
“Exert that mandate to people who give to you and do not trust you to someone more treasonous traitors to you.”


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