who do you imagine yourself tobe?

Cover of "Creative Imagery"

Cover of Creative Imagery

According to Person that our imagination will stretch to any scenario, but people lacking in confidence usually imagine themselves as failures. They do not realize that they cannot succeed at anything if they cannot imagine themselves doing so. How you imagine yourself may bear no relation to the truth, but it is this, rather than the reality, which governs your feelings and behavior. Changing what you imagine about yourself can bring about a profound growth in confidence. When you imagine yourself as a good, capable, confident person, it becomes easier to think and behave like one. Imagination is one of the cornerstones of the I-T-I-A Formula©. To understand why it is so important we must consider the subconscious mind in more detail. The mind is often compared to an iceberg, with more than 90% floating below the surface. This hidden mass is the subconscious, a vast storehouse of thoughts,

memories and ideas. The subconscious is always listening, watching, soaking up your experiences like a sponge. It then acts as a kind of database to which you constantly refer for guidance and support. Once your subconscious has accepted the idea that you are confident it makes sure your thinking, feelings and behavior are brought into line; it makes confidence your reality. You can talk to your subconscious, but it responds even better to mental images and emotions. Use your wonderful imagination to build confidence, by feeling and imagining yourself as confident until it becomes a natural part of you.

“ To come from no voice, no power, and to be able to achieve what I have means that only my own personal vision holds me back.”

Oprah Winfrey

1.         Commit yourself to spending a few minutes every day imagining yourself as you would like to be. This practice is called Creative Imagery. Either deliberately relax and calm your mind, or use those naturally occurring moments when you are relaxed. The longer and more vividly you can hold on to thoughts, feelings and mental images of yourself as a confident person when your mind is  calm, the better.

2.         Start by imagining something familiar, like an orange, a freshly baked loaf of bread, your house, a loved one, or a rose. Imagine the appearance, texture, taste and smell. Listen to a favorite piece of music, and imagine you can see the artist(s) performing it. Imagine the voice of a loved one. Simple exercises such as these will bring about a rapid improvement in your creative imagery skills.

3.         Creative imagery is often referred to as visualization, which is slightly misleading because it is not strictly necessary to be able to make detailed pictures. All five senses, sight, touch/feel, sound, taste and smell – make an impact on the subconscious, especially when you’re relaxed. So don’t be put off if you can’t actually ‘see’ anything: feeling a desire coming true is more important than getting a clear picture.  Take what you used yesterday. Now try to visualize it with all five senses. If you can’t actually picture it, make more use of other senses.

4.         Sit or lie comfortably, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Imagine yourself lying on a beautiful beach on a lovely summer’s day. Picture the scene if you can. Imagine the sound of the sea, the warmth of the sun on your face, the softness of the sand, the smell of seaweed, and the feeling that you are safe and secure. Practise, but don’t force this exercise. The point is to use those senses with which you are most comfortable.

5.         Whilst you are imagining relaxing on the beach, think of something you would like to achieve. Imagine or ‘visualize’ yourself as:

1. A confident person. Sense what it would feel like to be loaded with confidence.

2. Taking action. Feel yourself confidently pursuing your goal.

3. Having achieved everything for which you set out.

6.         When you’ve mastered the above procedure, add a fourth stage:

4. ‘Visualise’ how you would like others to react towards you when you’ve accomplished your goal.

7.         Use this affirmation:

‘Every day I see myself as a confident person and I feel myself becoming more and more confident.’

The perfect shot

Many top sportsmen and women use creative imagery and mental rehearsal as an integral part of their mental toughness training. They know that when positive images are impressed firmly on the subconscious they’re more likely to perform at their best. They spend many hours ‘seeing’ themselves hitting the perfect shot, throwing the javelin or discus further, crossing the winning line ahead of the competition, scoring goals and so on.

Pioneering the use of creative imagery in sport were professional golfers such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer in the 1960s. At his peak Nicklaus said: ‘I never hit a shot without having a sharp picture of it in my head. Firstly, I see where I want the ball to finish. Then I see it going there, its trajectory and landing. The next scene shows me making the swing that will turn the previous images into reality.’

“ When willpower conflicts with the imagination,imagination prevails. Always.

David Lawrence Preston

SAPUTRA ( Source was adapted from 365 Steps to Self-Confidence by David Lawrence Preston)


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